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    Sorry for another post in quick succession, but I’m just trying to organise my blog!

    Has anyone got any tips of how to increase blog comments? I know my blog ( is very new, but I’ve had a few views, but no one has put any comments. Would people be waiting for someone to make the first comment before making any?

    Anyway, any help for a newbie would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Oh – the link isn’t working! That’s never helpful.

    It’s here –



    This is not a support question. If you write interactive posts, you would surely get some comments. I’m a math blogger, and whenever I write interesting content, I recieve a lot of comments however, when I write some serious math topics, I get no comments.
    So, if you want to get some comments, write interesting (and quality) contents.


    Oops sorry – did say I was a newbie!

    Ok – thanks.



    It’s okay. :-) There is an Off-Topic forum of! Post a new topic there and debate with other users.

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