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Blog Competition: With prizes!

  1. I'm taking suggestions for my next blog post (most likely tomorrow) so please suggest any scientific questions you may have that you feel need explaining, or any pertinent science based news stories you think would be interesting to cover.

    The prize for the winning suggestion will be a link to your blog from the post, also I will promote your blog for a week through my twitter, facebook and the countless forums I post on.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. winnieeverlasting

    1st off, greatly enjoy the play on words with your name. made me lol...
    2nd off, would you like a more main stream idea, like the advancements being made in stem cell research, or something more unique?

  3. Thank you. Whatever you think would interest YOU the most!

  4. Bah! yous lot are rubbish :)

  5. The Off Topic forum is a bit of a crap shoot; you might have a better success rate contacting various bloggers who have science blogs. Just look them up through the global tag pages. Many have Contact Forms or About pages; just leave a comment.

  6. First an honest question, then a shameful piece of self promotion.

    The question is in multiple parts: What do you feel is the most dramatic scientific discovery of the past hundred years; the past ten years; and what are your prediction of the most dramatic in the next ten years; the next hundred?

    OK, now for the shamefulness. I am posting to involve readers in my future-based sci fi novel that I plan to market to agents and publishers. The means I am trying to involve those readers is by carefully rendering a "future timeline," which serves as the background or foundation for that novel. My details are of course pure, idle speculation, but as for the science I am attempting some credibility. For instance in a post I will be making in a few days, I explore terra-forming to resolve over-population, further I will say the terraforming involves the use of cosmic radiation and can be expeditated by an Iodine isotope that is not currently stable. A scientist may look at all of this as absolutely ... , but while the means I say may or may not be ludicious, the idea is interesting. Since my intended reader is young adult, I hope it could inspire an interest in science. My site, to finish this sales pitch, is:

  7. @raincoaster

    You're right but i'm lazy, i'm so lazy i can't even be bothered to think of my own ideas.

  8. I think a science blog about slutty animals would be a riot. Discuss the mating practices of different species and how it helps them beat the evolution game. (I saw a blogger made a post on this and I subscribed) Or even broaden the topic to "Science : Weird but true" or the "Nature has a sense of humor" and blog about anything scientific that could give a chuckle or two!

  9. simplesciman-
    There are three topics I'd love to read about (and others might be curious too). Maybe you'll enlighten me...

    1) What makes men/women attracted to certain people right off the bat. I know physical traits and pheromones play a role, but what other specific things factor in to the science of attraction? For example, I've heard something about women being attracted to different types of men depending on their menstrual cycle. Are there things people can do differently to influence attraction?

    2) I've heard that everyone we dream about are all people we have seen at least once in our life, even if for just an instance. They say we never create anyone in our dreams. I know this is a tough one to prove but maybe you know of research or findings already done.

    3) What are the most likely ways the world will end?

  10. fantasticloser

    I agree with everything the dude previous to me said. all three ideas I'd be interested in.

  11. winnieeverlasting

    @liana- well, i know that i don't want some guy who's an annoying ass whilst i'm crampy as hell, so i'm thinking the bit about menstruating affecting attraction seems like a valid theory! lol...
    all of your ideas are really interesting, especially the second one. because i always dream about people who seem familiar to me, even if i can't remember seeing them anywhere else other then in my dream.

  12. @cheering4u, thanks for sharing that you're menstruating. Love that. Seriously though, apparently we get more attracted to masculine looking men when we're ovulating, and more feminine looking guys when we have our period. That explains why I like men in pink underwear during that time of month... Joking, kind of.

    @fantasticlover, i'm a chick and you know it. :)

  13. fantasticloser

    @lianamerlo: I had a vague idea you were a lady and/or chick but I wasn't confident enough to come to a verdict. But now I'm almost sure you're girl.

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