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    My blog — — has completely disappeared from Google. Even the URL of blog is not appearing in results, let alone keywords.

    The blog is new but it had been appearing on Google until last week. There is some duplicate content (mostly news) as I intend to make it a news website later (with a wordpress (dot).com domain).

    Another thing is, I still haven’t registered with Google webmasters.

    What could be the problem? Has the blog been penalized?

    Help me out. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member takes me to teh reader; it does not lead to a blog. Are you sure you got the URL correct?


    The link mentioned at the bottom my question will take you to the blog.



    Oh, wait, there’s a typo in the first link or something. The second one works fine.

    The reason Google dropped your blog is, it’s all spam. It’s all material copied without permission from other places. Unless you are paying those news agencies for their news, you do not have the right to print it, and Google can tell. And so can the agencies; if you plan to make a newsletter out of their content and you haven’t paid for it, you can expect to be sued, and you can expect to lose.

    Delete all the spam posts. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Then create new, original posts. Then wait, because it will take Search Engines a while to re-evaluate you.


    Thanks for your support raincoaster.
    Yes, about 50% of the posts were copied from other sources. But can duplicate content get your site banned so quickly? The mind boggles.

    Should I stick to the same URL and delete spammy posts or get a new one as it’s been penalized? How long will it take for the existing blog to reappear in Google results (with original content of course)?

    Thanks for your supports



    Yes, duplicate content can get your blog banned that quickly. Half of your blog content is illegal spam. Delete all of it.

    It will probably take at least two months for Google to re-index your site. It’s up to you whether you want to start over with a new URL or not.

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