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    Can anyone tell me what is happening. My question is not actually about as selected.
    I built the above blog and then hosted it on my own website.It is (was) now
    I completed a wordpress update and when finished my entire blog had dissapeared along with all my readers. The blog is about exposing scams and viruses with virus removal toolw when found. the blog is titled “The Internet Snitch”.
    What I found was a blank white page with the word “done” at the bottom. I am not a computer wizard but I did everything I know how to do and could not revive it.
    I rebuilt the blog with a new address and again hosted it on my own website. The new address is All was working fine and people were again finding me.

    THEN, MSN sent critical updates which I completed. After completion the entire blog dissapeared just as it did the first time.

    What could be the problem and is the blog still retrevable?
    Please help. My readers all appreciated the blog but each time I have to rebuild they cannot find me.
    Help, help, help. (sorry this is so long)

    The blog I need help with is



    Howdy, we only support blogs here. The blog you’ve mentioned is a self-hosted WordPress blog. Please make sure to review the following:

    You will need to seek support from forums:

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