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    Hi there,
    Periodically I’ve been having a problem with my blog layout. When I insert a photo at the bottom of the page, it will spill into the footer menu (I believe) where the tags are. It looks untidy. For instance, on my Buttery Nutmeg Roasted Chicken and Chestnuts post, I included two large thumbnails at the bottom which link to other blogs featuring my post. However they either sit right on top of the decorative line which signals the end of the post or they sit in the area where the categories and tags are listed and I’m not able to create space underneath them in my editing. I’ve tried including spaces in the Visual editing box, and   instructions in the Text box, but neither work properly. Sometimes it fixes itself but I would like to fix it immediately myself when I see it happening. Is this a bug? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there – thanks for reporting this. I see what you mean when the post is previewed, but it looks OK on the live post here:

    Does it look OK to you too?

    If you see this issue on any live posts, would you mind sending the direct links so I can take a look? Thanks!


    Hi there,

    I would rather have space at the bottom of the post between the line above the share buttons. If you’ll notice, the thumbnails are sitting right on the line, which looks a little cluttered.

    It is worse in preview, which makes it difficult for me to layout exactly what I want to publish — a bit frustrating.

    Is there a way to fix it in preview so what I’m viewing is what will be published? Also, is there a way to leave a space at the bottom of the page so that the photos don’t run into the line at the bottom of the post?




    Hi there,

    I see what you mean with the thumbnails.

    I played around with a few options and what I ended up doing was adding a caption to the thumbnails – it’s a period that I set the text color to white, so it doesn’t show. It’s definitely not a perfect workaround (because it is extra work), but hopefully it will work for you in the meantime, until we can get you a better solution!



    Ok, thanks for checking on it! I’ll do the caption space for now. Please let me know if/when you find a permanent solution.

    Many thanks!



    Will do :)



    Hi there,

    Kathryn and I discussed this further, and we are still pursing an “official” answer; in the meantime, here is another option for you instead of using the captions:

    Applying a margin to the image itself.

    *Click on the image to edit it
    *Click on Advanced tab
    *In the Styles field, add

    margin-bottom: 10px;

    That will give you just enough padding on the bottom to pull your images up off of the line.

    Hope that helps!



    I just pushed out a fix for this. Please let us know if you experience any other issues.



    It looks like another issue was reported in this ticket. I just pushed out a fix for the preview post issue. This first fix was to add white space above the horizontal rule in the post footer. Thanks for the reports!


    Awesome, you WordPress folks rock!

    Works beautifully. Thanks so much!



    So glad to hear it. Thanks for letting us know!

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