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    I can get into my dashboard on my WordPress Blog, “American Liberal Times” from both Firefox Browser and Chrome Browser but the information in the upper left hand side of the first page (Home Page) of the American Liberal Times blog does not appear when I try to use Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit version). I can bring up the Home Page, but the stuff that lets me get into my dashboard is not there on Internet Explorer 9 (64-bit). When I use my access words, “http://americanliberaltimes—-etc) I get a page of references that show all of what appears to be the backlinks to American Liberal Times, but nothing at all about the American Liberal Times blog. Is it possible that one simply cannot access their WordPress Blog dashboard from Internet Explorer No. 9 (64-bit) or is there something I am not doing right? Can anyone tell me about this seemingly strange thing?

    The blog I need help with is

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