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Blog deactivated. What next?

  1. I've been using wordpress at for almost three years. Last night, it got deactivated. I've sent several messages by different means and have not received a response yet. It's already been over 24 hours. In addition, the message states that I should be able to export my blog to move to another host (my blog currently doesn't have advertising or all the other things listed) but nonetheless, when I try to export my content, it doesn't work. Furthermore, I read somewhere else that the blog needs to be active to work. So I'm confused.
    To summarize:
    My blog got deactivated and despite my attempts to contact the staff, I haven't gotten a response.
    Secondly, in the event I never get one, it appears I can't even export my current blog content despite the message saying otherwise. So what options do I have? Any advice would be appreciated. As previously mentioned, we've worked on this blog for almost three years and have a lot of content so I would hate to lose this. Ultimately, we would love to be reactivated. Thank you.

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  3. The blog in question is:

  4. Mistakes are made - the Terms of Service group are the only ones that can return your blog to you - NOTE - they work on a first in first answered, but each time you send them a new message it resets the clock and your message becomes new again - there should have been a contact button in your dashboard somewhere that you should have used

  5. It generally takes more than one day to get a response from staff.

    BTW if I'm reading the Google cache right, you're offering unauthorized downloads of copyrighted material. That's a big Terms of Service violation if it is the case.

  6. Raincoaster is right, if you were offering unauthorized downloads of copyrighted material on the blog, it is a HUGE violation of the TOS. If you were offering those bad downloads then that is most likely why your blog got shut down.

  7. auxclass, thanks for the response. We already sent messages but didn't realize that sending multiple messages meant it got reset.

    Actually, we didn't provide downloads but posted links to sites like dailymotion that we found (we don't upload them either).

    We are more than happy to get rid of those since the bulk of work is in our recaps. And that's what we're most interested in saving.

  8. If you are the copyright holder, you'll have to provide proof. In any case, you need to go to the page that they put up at your blog's address and contact the team via the link they left there.

  9. Thanks anonyas and raincoaster (sorry for not thanking you early).

    As mentioned, you can't download anything from our site but can get things already posted on youtube, dailymotion etc. I don't know if that makes a difference. And that's not even the bulk of our site.

  10. It does NOT make a difference I think.. You were still technically supporting the bad downloads by having ways to get them on your site.

  11. I have seen several sites that had a lot of links to bootleg download sites get suspended for the links to the bootleg movies -

    You need to be careful of copyrights - linking to bootleg sites then saying "well not hosted here - just helping people" will not work from what I have seen

  12. Also, it does NOT matter even if the bad downloads were even a "spec" of your website, they were STILL THERE..

  13. I understand. Again, they were links to youtube/dailymotion which are technically streaming not download but this might not make a difference. However, we're more than happy to not have them on our site anymore. What we're most worried about is the ability to export our work. It says we can do that in the message but it doesn't work.

  14. Stream or download, it does NOT make a difference..

  15. It won't work until you hear back from staff and get everything sorted.

  16. Thanks for your help, raincoaster and anonyas. I just hope they respond.

  17. They should respond sometime, you just got to wait..

  18. Okay. I just checked with the person who posts the videos and those are actually linked to Hulu so it should be legitimate.

    I'm waiting. Thanks, anonyas.

  19. No problem, I love to help people!!

  20. Am I right in assuming that there's no number we can call because this is Day three? And we have our own domain that we'd listed as a subdomain and there are errors with redirection. We just want to hear from them.

  21. You are correct: there is no telephone number to call. If you have contacted staff with the email address provided in the notice of suspension then you just wait for their reply.

    We volunteers cannot restore your site. And staff does not discuss details of suspension in these public forums. Because further discussion here is useless, I'll close this topic.

    Please be patient: the terms of service team will get back to you. Sometimes the replies may be sent to your junk mail folder so be sure to check there!

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