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    A person I know who manages a blog ( found this blog deleted. Someone unauthorized did this. Even the login has been lost (that’s why I’m sending from mine). Is there a way to restore it?

    Thank you so much



    Your friend needs to change passwords to a very difficult one immeditaely. It’s also possible your friend’s emal account has been hacked. They need to change the password immeditely there too.
    The recommendation is only 1 Admin per blog.

    Blogs aren’t easily deleted. Firstly, one has to have access to the log-in information. Secondly, there are 3 warnings given. Thirdly, there is an email with a verficiation link inti it that must be clicked to delete a blog.

    The answer to your question is “no”. Once a blog has been deleted it’s gone forever. There is no recycling of blog addresses ie. URLs and once deleted they cannot be used by anyone.

    If your friend subscribed to their own RSS Feed on the now deleted blog, and/or if the indexed blog content appears in Google’s cache it may be possible to copy and paste to reconstruct a new blog.

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