Blog deleted but blog name still appears at my dashboard

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    Blog deleted but blog name still appears at my dashboard.. but when click on link, “The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available. You can create your own free blog on” appears..


    Have you gotten the confirmation email yet and responded to it? If you haven’t check the email spam filter on the email address you used to set up the blog to make sure it didn’t get caught.




    I do have the same problem.
    I did not receive the confirmation email for the deleted blog – I double checked and also checked my spam folder.

    In addition I set up another account to start a new blog yesterday and I am still waiting for my confirmation email for the new blog. I also double checked and checked the spam folder for that.

    I used two different email accounts for both blogs, one is with yahoo and the other with gmail.

    Please help.
    Thank you


    The email that would be used by wordpress would be the one listed under settings > general.



    Yes, the email address is correct in there- but I did not receive the confirmation email neither for the blog to delete nor for the new account.

    But now- after I contacted support, but did not get an answer, one of my other blogs has been deleted although I did not ask for that and without my permission or any confirmation through an email.

    I need this blog back and have the one deleted I asked for !

    Who can help ?

    Please !!


    Contact staff: as the volunteers here in the forums cannot help.




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