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    I have some blogs that I need to delete before I can create a blog for a school project, just so someone from administration won’t find them and get me in trouble, and I also want to delete some blogs I don’t use anymore. However, when I’ve tried to delete them forever, the email won’t send. I’ve checked my inbox and spam, but nothing will send. I want to delete and Help!

    The blog I need help with is



    When I’ve deleted blogs in the past I’ve noted that it can take some time and isn’t immediate in the same sense that a post gets published right away. If you’re especially concerned I would remove any posts that don’t reflect so positively on yourself.



    What are the URLs of the blog you want to be deleted? Be aware that once deleted the URLs cannot be recycled and used again by anyone ie. blog deletion is irreversible.

    This thread is Tagged for Staff attention. There are many who posted for Staff assistance before your did. Please be patient and subscribe to this thread so your are notified when they respond.



    If you want I can delete the blog for you. Note that blog deletion is permanent and the name can never be used again. Please reply to confirm.

    If you want to temporarily hide your blog instead, please use privacy option so only you and logged-in members of the blog can view it.

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