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    Dear WP Community,

    I wanted an uncluttered layout for my blog. After much messing around, I settled on the Iceburgg theme. Not because it’s the coolest (groan!), but because it’s one of the simplest. I especially like that there are no widgets on posts or pages.

    But I’m not a minimalist. I don’t live in an all-white house with no furniture. The reasons for my aesthetic blog values are more prosaic. I need the layout to be easy to follow because I’m visually impaired. Everything on the screen has to be read aloud to me by a program called JAWS.

    That’s where you come in. I’m asking the sighted amongst you to point your browsers towards

    and point out any glaring errors. I won’t be offended. In fact, I encourage (constructive) criticism. Many thanks in advance,

    Sponge Belly

    The blog I need help with is

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