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    Can you use Blog Desk for blogs?

    blog desk-



    Yes, Timethief uses it all the time.



    Yes, you certainly can. I use it and so does drmike. It’s free and it’s easy to use. I also created a thread with all the off-line publisher links in it.


    Thank ya



    You’re welcome :)


    For blogdesk I am adden my blog, but after I add the blog name and url it asks for Blog ID. What is the blog ID?


    Nevermind I got it : )



    To answer the question though since it does come up form time to time, when it asks for your blog id, it also has a click link to pull the ids of all your blogs here. You can pick from that list.


    Dr. Mike,
    Howdy. I have a question on this thread. Is it safe to store posts on Blog Desk. Will anyone have access to retrieving or using my posts if I leave a back up of my posts on Blog Desk when I am done writing them before transfering them to secondchancetolive to publish on the Web? What are your thoughts on this topic? Any other information would be helpful.




    I downloaded the Blog Desk thing for the first time now. But I’m not going to postit directly to my blog through them. That freaks me out. But I’ll do all the work there and then cut and paste it to my blog myself. I’m still trying to figure out the pictures. I madeit a thumbnail for my post on Blog Desk. But is it thumbnail size or will it be a clickable thumbnail? I’ll figure it out.



    I use it also and really like it.
    @secondchance: blogdesk automatically saves all the posts “sent” to your blog. Unless someone has access to your computer, they are safe as they reside on your computer (once posted).
    They are located in your “sent” folder and can be accessed by clicking on the open post folder icon>then select the Published Posts tab. You will find them stored there, on your computer.. good as a back up as well.

    @nosysnoop: the first time I posted from blogdesk it was really freaky and very weird to know “it just connects itself” when you upload the post. But if you turn off your internet connection, you realize that it can’t go anywhere. I have found that if your interent is down, you can still write the posts then upload when it’s back up…. all with a touch on the upload. It is really cool to write and upload without having to sign into WP if you don’t want/need to though.
    First time you post a picture it loads it twice… after that it is just one copy. There are issues between BD and WP that need ironing out though and I think they are working on that, but dr.mike knows this better (or not).
    Give it a whirl, you may enjoy it :>)



    No issues that I know of. What are you having issues with?



    I just downloaded Blog Desk last night, passed the test, yet I cannot upload a post and getting error message #403. Does anyone know what this problem is and how I can correct it? Thanks.

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