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Blog diactivated

  1. I tried to transfer my previous blog to the new one I export my file step by step as presented on But, when I finish transfering, I got my new blog diactivated. Why is it so? What I have to do to re-activate my new blog?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You will need to contact staff via the link they made on your suspended blog page

  3. Yes, I have sent the report. Then, what I have to do next?

  4. Wait. They will email you, so keep checking your email spam folder; sometimes they go there.

  5. Hey raincoaster, it seems my blog has been suspended too and have emailed directly as well as used the contact form as suggested but still awaiting a response. I was wondering if you knew what kind of time span I could be looking at? Been a few days now but knowing me I could just be being impatient.


  6. Also if there is anyone else who might be able to help me with this the blog i am referring to is

  7. Usually you need to wait for a day. I've had experience with this problem twice, my blogs got deactivated just after I performed an import. Their spam controls are insane.

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