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    Hey until a few days ago my blog was getting a lot of traffic from google searches. It showed up as the first or second search result when you googled things like “swinger party” or “my first swinger party” or “swinger party gone wrong”. I noticed I wasn’t getting near as much traffic recently and tried googling myself and I can’t even find my blog on there at all now? What could have happened?



    We can’t help you with any search engine issues here >


    That’s frustrating. I thought someone might have an idea what was going on but thank you!!



    If you search the forums you will see that Google recently redid the way they search and now they have seriously downgraded blogs. My hits are off by a good 40%.


    Ugh! Thanks for letting me know that though, that makes sense.



    See here but note that I’m not saying this is the reason in your case. In fact there was a Penguin and Panda update and there was a page rank update as well.
    Bottom line: We can only speculate.


    Thanks. I do have quite a few pics and videos on my blog. Who knows? I am disappointed though :/. At least I still get an occasional hit from Yahoo search, lol. :P

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