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    Only 2/3 days after I had opened the blog duaas.wordpress, I checked google and it was already showing. I had opened a mirror blog on -> at the same time and it had also come up. Now when I search using the same keywords I had used before, only the blog on shows but the one on wordpress does not.

    I would’ve thought it was google that messed things up but for the fact that yahoo and live search engines don’t show the wordpress blog either, while the other one comes up there too.

    Even searching for keywords like “duaas wordpress”, “”, “duaas.wordpress” doesn’t show any records.

    Is it possible for the crawl settings to change spontaneously? Because I hadn’t touched them before today, when I only first disallowed crawl and then allowed again to make sure the settings were saved (although it’s clear they were in good working order in the beginning).



    You’ll have to ask the search engines:



    It is apparent that you replied by only reading the title of the post and ignored the post body entirely.



    Your settings change if you change them. Not otherwise. Your blog is not being excluded because of any action by us.

    The end result is as Alex says – you need to ask the search engines.

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