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    Two problems:

    1. My blog,, does not appear on WordPress Reader under ‘Tags.’

    2. This blog’s feed ( ) is not sent to feed subscribers until I manually update the scheduled post every day shortly after the time it was scheduled to be posted.

    I appreciate any comments on these issues. Thank you for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi –

    Which tags have you tried to search for in The Reader?

    The scheduled posts are designed to publish after the first visit to the site at the scheduled date and time.

    More details about feeds can be found in this guide:

    And scheduled posts here:



    Thank you very much lizkarkoski. The issue seems to be resolved now. I did not know that posts are published in the Reader Tags section only after the site has been visited after the scheduled time. Thank you also for the links. This WordPress Forum is very helpful to many bloggers, thanks to you and others offering solutions and expert advice.


    Absolutely, It’s my pleasure! I am so happy to hear that you find the forums community helpful! Remember to just add a “modlook” tag when you need staff assistance. Best wishes :)

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