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    The blog does not display properly in Internet Explorer. I am using Fadastic theme, and I have also tried two or more themes and I have had problems with the display on Internet Explorer espcially if the window is re-sized.

    Is there a theme, that works best with Internet Explorer, that I should look at? I need to support IE since most of the people who would come to the blog would be using that as a s browser.


    Ted M.



    It looks fine to me in IE7, although it took the dove graphic a moment to load. What is not displaying properly?



    Well, first it’s not a blog so you’re in the wrong place for support. You need to be at for that. Second IE does render differently, as all browsers do….as much as I hate IE, I need to design my sites for IE as most mugs still haven’t switched to a decent browser yet….this means that whoever designed the theme you’re using probably did so for IE, and how you see it is likely how it’s supposed to be.



    this is a blog; they are in the right place

    can’t help you with the IE issue, but i wanted to reassure you that you are in the right place to ask for help.



    I went by the subdomain URL, my mistake.



    Looks fine to me in IE6 as well. Please remember that we’re not mind readers. Care to explain what you’re seeing, what’s wrong with it and/ or provide a screen capture?


    Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I am using IE6 and the problem I am seeing happens when I have an IE6 window that is not full screen, but is narrow width. I have a higher resolution monitor so I tried how it would look on a lower resolution screen. I did so by making the browser window narrower. What happens then is that the two columns on the right disappear and the ‘vod.pod’ widget is shown at the bottom of the main text box. However even then it shown in an incomplete manner with most of the images of the boxes for each video sheared off.

    I can email the screen capture as a pdf if you point me to where I can email it or post it. I believe you should be able to replicate the problem by making the IE6x browser window narrow enough.

    Regards & Thanks – Ted M



    I’m using IE6 and screen resolution of 800×600 and it looks fine to me. Now, GARLAND, that theme always has problems for me.



    Just to clarify, it’s the Vod widget you’re looking at, right? Nothing else? This is why we asked for details. Your theme is fine. It’s just the widget that’s too wide.

    Probably not a whole lot you can do about that except for changing themes. It’s too wide in Netscape 7.1 as well. It’s like that in a lot of themes. Maybe sending in a feedback and pointing this out to staff would do some good.



    I noticed that the ability to resize some widgets is missing, which means they do look dodgy in some themes and some browsers. I looked at a few which stuck out by being too long for the column throwing the balance off, or being too tall and wasting valuable space etc…..but they’d look better in a different theme. Sometimes you find a theme which suits one widget, but not another, and not your intended look.

    These are the problems you just have to accept and adapt to when you are restricted in your editing options.


    The problem with the display is not just with the Vod.pod widget but all the widgets in the two left columns which disappear when I make the IE window narrow.

    Since the widgets include the “Categories” listing, the blog becomes unusable since a visitor cannot look at the posts to read and/or post comments on them.

    If someone can help me with a pointer on how to post the screen shot, I will post it so that the problem I’m seeing is visible and clear.




    to post the screen shot:

    go to Write->Post and use the uploader below the text entry box. Once the image is uploaded, click on “Edit” to get the URL. You do not need to save the empty post. Post the URL here for us to see.



    as much as I hate IE, I need to design my sites for IE as most mugs still haven't switched to a decent browser yet....this means that whoever designed the theme you're using probably did so for IE, and how you see it is likely how it's supposed to be.

    I use IE& and most likely always will use IE7. I hate firefox and its varients, Opera just looks plain ugly and mozilla is like firefox, to much hassel to be worth it.

    IE is simple, i dont have to faf around to do stuff with it. So long as you have a decent firewall and virus checker there’s no problems. I’ve been using IE for years and ive only once encountered a problem that was related to IE itself, the rest have usually been my error, or 3rd party software error. I’ll never understand why people keep knocking IE.

    As for the theme, it eorks for me, ive tested resolutions from 800×600 and up. Problems start when you go below the 800×600 res, then it looks all squished. However i think its safe to say most people dont have a monitor below 800×600



    Yep, IE is perfect, you’re the ideal surfer for malicious coders…..they will love you. Scripts that run when the coders want them to, regardless if it will harm your system or not, adverts showing on queue, pop ups opening on command……ya gotta love IE…..well, someone has to.


    Thanks for the tip on how to post the screen capture. It is a ‘pdf’ file that I have uploaded to:


    I dont have ads showing up, nor pop ups or pop unders. Scripts, well since i dont know much about them i cant really comment about them. That said ive NEVER had any scripting problems. IE asks me if i want a script to run and i choose, so if it screws up its my fault. Though usually i dont allow any scripts, except from sites i know. I’ve also never run into any malicious code that does anything to my comp, beyond when i was using IE6 and learnt not to turn off my firewall and virus checker :)

    To be honest, i ran into more problems running FF and Opera than i ever have running IE.

    I’m still not sure what your problem with your blog is though. I’ve tried it on both my PC and my MacBook, both show it up fine at 800×600. Rather than just shrinking the window change your actual resolution, you’ll get a better picture that way.

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