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Blog doesn't appear in my categories

  1. Hi....

    My other WordPress blog automatically showed up in whatever category I chose. But my new blog doesn't.

    Anyone know how to fix that??


  2. What are you looking at please and what's the URL for your second blog?


    I am clicking the individual categories on the bottom of the page.

    My blog does not appear an any of them, even though I have edited my "Privacy" settings to allow it to show.

  4. ..ooops...sorry -- I was logged in as my other user.

  5. Okay, i knew i had seen this somewhere in another thread, so i did some Dumpster (Google) Diving for you:

    Looks like it sometimes takes a couple of days. You can always send in feedback to staff on the issue, since it doesn't seem to be satisfactorily resolved.

  6. Thank you....I'm new to this platform, and I don't know where to find things.

    I looked <i>here</i>, but I didn't even think of Google....duh!

  7. You may want to send in a feedback as well. My posts have been going straight through lately.

  8. @hutchins47:
    Don't worry; it really took some digging for me to find it again :)

    Also, when you do a forum search, you get the top 5 results or something, but there is also a Google link toward the bottom of the page. If you click that, it's a Google search tailored to looking in the WP forums.

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