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Blog domain set up problem

  1. I own a domain that I want to set up a WordPress blog for however, it appears that the name was previously set up by someone and since deleted. As it is deleted, how can I now use that name for my blog?

  2. These are the instructions for mapping a domain name you already own to your site here: . Have you tried that procedure?

  3. We have two threads on this going in two different directions. Perhaps you could clarify if you are talking about a normal wordpress.COM subdomain such as or if you are talking about your own domain name you have registered such as

  4. Good morning,

    I am talking about this path: Thank you for your help.

  5. When I try to use my domain name, it says not available, then when I search for the wordpress blog with that name, it says deleted by author.

  6. Ddeleted blog URLs here are not recycled. That's why 3 warnings are given and why a vertfication link in an email that must be clicked is sent in order to accomplish deletion.

    You can register another blog with a similar name.

    You can register your own domain by purchasing a domain mapping upgrade and then it will not matter what the underlying address is.

  7. hi. i registered my own domain name and i'm trying to back it up with filezilla. can you tell me how to find my own ip address

  8. There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and "your own IP address" has no application here at all. See >

  9. I'm trying to register a blog name myblog would be the name of the domain that I own however, mydomain has previously been set up on WordPress by someone else, then deleted by author. From what I understand then, is that if has previously been used by someone else, then deleted, I can't use it. However, it appears that I could use as my wordpress url however, I now have to somehow get into wordpress in order to use. I did not buy it through wordpress so I have to somehow upload it, correct?

  10. @insidertrax
    It does not matter what any underlying sub-domain URL is when you purchase a domain mapping upgrade and map from it to a domain URL. See here:

    How to map an existing domain (one you already own) to your blog. Follow those instructions if you already have a domain that you registered elsewhere, and you want to map that domain to your blog.

    Important Notes Before Upgrading

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