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Blog down

  1. Can't open a friend's blog She recently switched her domain to and the domain will NOT open on any of our browsers. So therefore, it is not a browser issue. The site disappeared. A week ago we could open it.
    Blog url:

  2. It looks like you might have an error in setting the primary domain name - please check the instructions below - I will also flag this for staff attention

  3. The name servers are pointed here, but no one has purchased a domain mapping upgrade for it yet.

  4. Thanks so much for your replies. I'll forward the information to her. But I'm sure she purchased the domain mapping upgrade because mentioned it today and I remember her doing it last week when we switched things over... Poor thing is ready to cry.

  5. You are both helpful. But we did all of this last week. The day we did it, the site appear on our browsers and it looked good. But today when she chose a theme and set up some widgets, it disappeared. Thank you, auxclass for flagging the staff on this matter.

  6. We have no record of ever being mapped to, and there are no Domain Mapping subscriptions purchased under your account.

    Did you receive a receipt from us?

  7. Thank you Macmanx. I've forwarded your message to the owner of the blog. Can you give us some advice as to what to do from here? Can she contact you?

  8. Well, she would need to map the domain following this guide:

    If she has any questions, she's more than welcome to reply to this thread.

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