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Blog Engage Launched! (Bloggers ONLY)

  1. I have developed a new domain name and it offers small, medium, and large blogs a great way to get traffic. You simply post part of your blog at and when the users select the post it will bring them right to your site. to the exact blog.

    Please feel free to start posting your blogs and as many as you would like.

    For the first few days I will be Publishing all Blog topics to the front page after yes, only 2 votes.


  2. Well this isn't a blog. I created this website to help new and old blogs get traffic. So they post their blog at blog engage and it bring them daily traffic :)

  3. If it isn't a blog then why are you posting here?

  4. If you are allowed to do advertise your website here then every blog registry website on the internet would have to be likewise allowed to advertise here and we would be overwhelmed by website registries spamming this forum with their advertising. The way I understand it that's not what this forum is intended to be used for.

  5. I would tend to agree. Best bet would to post this is a forum that is about blog promotion, but this is a support forum for users and their problems!



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