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    How do I explain what my blog entails? I want to have a “preamble” or “intro” paragraph that says that this is a collection of my articles and academic work — not an “I did this today I did that today” type of blog — or musings on Paris Hilton. How do I create such a header?

    The blog I need help with is



    You could do a static front page that explains that, or make a sticky post that will stay at the top of your home page while your other posts will go underneath.


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    And while the tagline does not appear to readers on the Pilcrow theme, search engines will see / read it. Keep it short and to the point, a catchy phrase.
    settings—>general—>tagline (type a description)—>save changes

    You can also use a text widget for a bit longer description. And of course there is the “about” page for even more details.

    A static front page, and even a sticky post may be off-putting for readers who visit your site often because they have to either click through to new posts or to scroll down to a new post…



    As a reader – I don’t really care much why you are doing a blog – I might read that section once – I have an about page – maybe 1 view out of 1,000 and there is more reason to read the about on my site than normal – I do boating safety and people want to know if I am qualified in that subject – If you really really want to put something on the front page – make it a sticky and only have TWO lines of text in it then use the More Tag to stop the rest and visitors can click on it if they want the rest of the story and a visitor can see fresh content below the why you are doing the blog

    my opinion anyway



    I agree with auxclass, when people read your blog they aren’t really interested in why you are writing it, they just want to see their version of entertainment, be it Paris Hilton or something actually intelligent.

    People aren’t going to be attracted to your blog because they read your explanation, the content over time is what will bring them in, and that will be self explanatory.

    Every blog is an individual, we don’t know why other people write what they do but we enjoy (or not) each post purely on its own merits.


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    That was what I said. But for search engines, the tagline does have some meaning, whether or not it shows to readers. A static front page, forcing a reader to click through to get to new content is not great: not for readers, not for search engines (which search for new content). And a sticky post about the site is also tiresome for readers who want to see new material. A text widget in the sidebar, with info about the blog, or the about page, is enough to let readers know what sort of blog it is.

    As for attracting readers, categories and tags are very useful to let everyone know what a site is about. Here is a comprehensive post about that issue:


    Taglines located here > Settings > General are important even when they aren’t displayed visibly on themes like Pilcrow. Remember that we cannot access metadata and insert meta description tags on free hosted blogs. Understand that an effective Tagline replaces a meta description tag and will be displayed in search results. Make sure it’s a brief and keyword rich branding message. Read this article so you understand what Google will display when it comes to combined site title and tagline character character numbers (length).

    I want to have a “preamble” or “intro” paragraph that says that this is a collection of my articles and academic work

    A paragraph like that is best placed at the top of your sidebar.



    Thank you so much for this. I have never created a tagline before. Does it need to be put in quote marks, or HTML or anything like that? Richard



    No, just type it into the box.

    If you want to get fancy, you can use a theme like Vigilance that has an Alert box which allows you a lot more scope.

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