How can I verify a registration with Blog Farm?

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    I registered my blog with Blog Farm. They say I used the e-mail address:

    (email redacted)

    when I registered. Blog Farm said I had to add this e-mail address to my services in order for my gravatar to show on the Blog Farm site with my blog. In associating (email redacted) with my account, I now have to verify the association by clicking on a link sent to (email redacted). I don’t know how to access this e-mail account. I never even knew it existed.

    What is this account and is there a way to access it?

    Thank you very much for your consideration and help.

    Don Smith
    Blog url:


    There isn’t an email address like that for your (or Gravatar) account. You will need to let Blog Farm know that isn’t a valid email address, and it should be changed.

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