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    I tried importing the blog from FB but it keeps coming up with this message:
    Import Failed
    We couldn’t find a feed using the URL you provided.

    Is there another way of importing the blog to FB? Thx.

    The blog I need help with is


    Member is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.



    I thought i fixed that issue. this is the blog i need help on & is the main blog:



    Please provide more details. Have you set up Publicize?
    for this blog or not?
    The URL for the posts feed for that blog is

    The other blog is gone forever. Once you delete a blog the URL cannot be recycled.


    I have question about connection wp to FB……….

    1. My old FB have been hacked by someone, and than after that I delete permanent this accnt in FB.
    2. right know I have new acc in FB, but I cant connection between FB to WP…. How to make connection with WP to my nes acc in FB? I try to make connection in wp to FB, but I think is still connection with my old FB not to my new FB. How to make new connection with wp to new FB? Becouse mu old FB has been delete permanent.



    yes, the blog is publicized & it still won’t work. the only thing that does work is posting to my personal account. what am i doing wrong??



    okay I’m officially getting pissed off now. i finally got the rss feed to link to FB BUT for some reason

    1. it only imported the last 2 posts i wrote (besides the one titled ‘inspiration boards’).

    2. the one titled ‘inspiration boards’ was imported directly to my personal account.

    so, i’ve tried everything that WP, FB & google has mentioned… yet i’m still having these problems. any ideas as to what the problem is?? thx.


    I have 2 WP blogs. One is connected to my own FB account. I want the other to connect to a different FB account. Can I do this? How?



    You can’t do it automatically from the side. You can use Notes or Networked Blogs or some similar app to bring it into the FB account.

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