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    My feed from my blog to my website ( stopped working today. Yesterday it was working, today it has disappeared. I am using a Joomla website and I have the feed in a module (of type feed). I am using as the URL for the feed.

    Last night I pressed a blog entry into my blog. I deleted that thinking that may have caused the problem. Blog feed is still missing from my website.

    Thank you for any help you can give! Helix Fairweather

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m using Firfox 14.0.1 and your feed is fine

    I think what you are experiencing is Chrome browser behavior. It does not have a built-in feed reader so you need to install this > RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) for Chrome


    I think my question was misunderstood or not state well. I’ll try again.

    Front page: middle of page is a module slider
    Tab : Tab titled “Read our blog”

    The right hand side of that is completely blank. That is where the feed of the latest five articles from my blog should appear and *did* appear there yesterday.

    IOW, I am feeding *from* my blog to my Joomla-driven website using a Joomla module (of type feed) and using the correct WordPress link to my blog’s feed.

    Where the five latest blog posts titles appeared yesterday on my website, today is a blank space.

    I don’t use Chrome. I am using FireFox 13.0 HF


    Member is not a free hosted blog and you are posting to the wrong support forum. We cannot help you here with that site at all. You need to post to


    I posted my question to forum and they said I was in the wrong place, that I need to post it here.

    Can you tell me what is the criteria associated with each support forum? It seems that both forums tell me I’m in the wrong place and I am left clueless as to where I can get help with this issue. Thank you!

    My blog is – which would seem to indicate it is affiliated here.



    This site is hosted by Go-Daddy We cannot help you here with that site at all. You need to post to

    This blog is free hosted by and this is the correct support forum only for issues with that blog.


    I believe there is an issue with the blog feed. I have another WordPress blog being fed to my website and it’s fine.

    Who can I contact at WordPress to ask about the possibility of something wrong with the blog feed?


    to add to my confusion, just closed off my thread adamantly claiming I must post to for help with this issue.

    I am new at blog problems and find it strange that both entities would continue to claim that the other is the one to solve my problem.



    Let’s start over.

    Your blog feed is not sending properly to your website right?

    Now we can start over. I’m afraid I don’t have much to help out with, except to say that we are seeing system-wide errors of a type that appear to be feed-related.


    THANK YOU!! That’s really what I wanted to hear – that there is some kind of problem with feeds going. I am a newbie but what a struggle being listened to!

    Starting over:
    My blog is:
    My website is: (hosted by GoDaddy) – Joomla driven
    My website is not I have never had any dealings with them until these futile attempts to get help.

    Blog A is a WordPress blog feeding into my site on Page A using a Joomla mod_feed type module.

    Blog B ( is also a blog feeding into my site on Page B using a Joomla mod_feed type module.

    Both modules have all parameters identical except for the menu item as to where to display the blog feed.

    If I change Blog A to show up on Page B, it works.
    If I change it back to Blog B showing up on Page B, nothing shows up. The text to the left of the space arranges itself as if something were there but there is nothing visible.

    My conclusion is that there is a WordPress feed problem affecting one blog but not the other (Blog B).

    I thank you for the admission that there is some type of general feed issue going on. I can at least let this rest now and see if WordPress can work it out.


    It has been a few days and the feed is not showing up on my website. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to fix this? Here is the URL I am using for the feed. It worked and then one day, it was no longer working.

    I am using a Joomla website and a mod_feed type module to place the latest 5 entries in my blog in the feed on one of the pages of my website – – menu item Dog Shopping. You can see that the main text on that page has arranged itself as if the blog feed was in the right module position. The title is there (that’s part of the module) but the feed of article titles is not there.

    Thank you!


    Staff is working just fine.

    I recommend contacting the developer of the module about this.


    Thank you for the suggestion. I’m not able to do this as it was my former website host who made it quite clear that they would no longer fix anything that was wrong if I left.



    Unfortunately, we can only provide support for what’s on our end, and your feed is working just fine.

    Perhaps someone over at Joomla may be able to help or offer alternatives.

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