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Blog feeds - how do I add my blog to all the key feeds?

  1. I have downloaded feedburner - is this relevant?

    I have gone onto the major sites like AOL and Yahoo - I 'think' I have registered my blog. But, I'm not sure if this means I will be added to the feeds. I think I have just registered my blog to their search engines.

    Do I need to do something with my blog too?

    Help, I'm lost (new to blogging)!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't think you understand what feeds are. Feeds are just another way of getting to read people's blogs. That you've registered with Yahoo et al doesn't mean they will include you in their feeds.

  3. Thank you, I looked at the youtube clip.

    What steps do I need to take to offer readers the option to subscribe?

    All the forums talk about feedburner and how you need to download it. Or about the RSS widget - again, I don't think this is what I need.

    Is there a way of adding an icon?

  4. Up to this point, you have not even provided a link to your blog, so we have no idea as to whether you are even hosted here. Please read the sticky, 8 Things, at the top of the forums and link your user name to your wordpress.COM blog.

    As a newbie, you will probably want to spend some time in the FAQ. Links to that and the Support areas are posted at the top of the forums.

  5. Thank you!

  6. I see you have "click to subscribe" in your sidebar, but whatever you have as the contents of that widget, it's not working. I recommend using the RSS widget, but you can also code a text widget according to the instructions in the FAQ on putting your feed in your sidebar; your feed is

    Note there are NO "w's" in your URL or your feed URL.

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