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  1. If I could filter out certain types of blogs it would have to include blogs about;

    1. People's cats
    2. About how zany their spouse/boyfriend is
    3. What a crazy day they just had

    I've no idea how you'd achieve that, but a worthy task if you could..

    Sorry if that offends, I'm sure plenty of you would love to filter out my blog too if you could :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I believe in freedom of speech and all the responsibilitues that go along with that. I don't need a filter. I simply don't read blogs that don't have content that appeals to me and I assume others do the same. If I experience clicking into a blog that's promoting hatred, racism, violence an/or any type of criminal behavior I report it and move on.

  3. sorry, I clearly should have tagged that with <humor>.

  4. People who blog pretending they're animals. I really don't get that.

  5. Mmm... I'd filter out blogs that have music on autoplay. Can't stand it!

  6. Oh, and stuff (or another word) my kids says posts.

  7. Blogs that can't use english/grammar correctly, even if it's their first language.

  8. If I could filter out blogs then I had filtered all pornographic content from internet.

  9. I don't want a blog filter; I always find that it's the level of enthusiasm and the quality of the writing is what I'm interested in. I want a filter for Google+ because, exactly, I don't give a rat's ass about people's cats, I don't need more cool HD pictures in my life with the word "cool" appended, and I don't need more cute memes I saw on Tumblr two years ago.

    But with blogs, you sort of know what you're getting. Look at it: does it have cat pictures? Move on. Easy. But if I ruled out, say, American Politics I'd never have found which is brilliant and occasionally political in a delightful way. Serendipity is a big part of the blog experience.

  10. Hnsaifi - there are plenty of filters than can block pornography for you. Methinks thou doth protest too much. Perhaps.

    I don't want a filter either - Like others, I just move on if it doesn't hold my interest, knowing full well each blog has an audience.

    Not into the music either AOB!

  11. Raincoaster, your is point duly noted, It's easy to pass on if you see a picture of a cat. I recognize this isn't a realist prospect, or even possible, it's just a bit of fun. However, since you and a few other are taking this seriously..

    What if I were to search on Google with a keyword, i.e. humor, and in doing so I got 12 trillion responses (bit of extreme example). Sure, I could keep on adding layers to my search to reduce it, but I might still get thousands of entries I don't want to read.

    However if there was a magical way to identify a post or post type that I didn't want to see, then it would be more pleasurable for me to browse through the topic list. I'd have less pages to click through, and be more likely to find content of interest to me. There's cool new stuff popping up all the time, so I can't rely on just revisiting blogging I know.

    Again though, I know it can't, and won't be done. I just wanted to say how nice that would be. I have nothing against anyone posting about their cat, or boyfriend or whatever, have at, enjoy. I'm not against freedom of speech.

    I post stuff even my dad tells me is rubbish (thanks dad), but I don't say what anyone else posts is 'bad', it's subjective.

    It's kind of like hating Fox News, and wish I could exclude it from my cable stations (maybe I can.. in fact I think I can, too lazy). I'm not trying to stop anyone else watching Fox News, I just don't like it.

    Anyway, please, just a bit of fun. Don't fret too much about it. Hey, you can even ignore this post.

  12. There is a way to filter out words or phrases in Google search, you just type them in double quotes and put a minus symbol in front. Like this:


  13. And I know this is a humor post. :)

  14. strawberryindigo

    @uglymoose: As a service to you because I understand that it takes all kinds. I want to inform you that I have been known to write about cats, my cats, other people's cats, I have even written of the world's tallest cat. I write about lots of other subjects but I admit the cats are there too.
    So if you stumble into me somewhere, I want to know about the cats so you can filter me out.
    I wont filter you out though, I like animals..even an ugly moose. :)

  15. Well I'd certainly read about the world's tallest cat. That's a must see for sure :) What about the world's smallest cat?

  16. The world's smallest cat? That must be this:


  17. holy cow, that's awesome! :)

  18. I'd filter out teen blogs. No offence intended, but clearly their life experience is limited and they think they know more than they do. We were all the same at that age. I just give thanks that blogs weren't around when I was a teenager. I would have written such dross. Even worse than now...

  19. @raincoaster
    I read your comment above and I'm LMAO and you know why.

  20. And some old people are always looking to help someone even when one don't need it. I think you've got it.
    What's this?

    Methinks thou doth protest too much. Perhaps.

  21. Shakespeare, sort of, hnsaifi.

    It means you protest about porn to sound innocent, when really you are lapping it up as fast as you can.

  22. Was that a quote of Shakespeare? (if so then he'd be addicted to them too :)
    I'm not saying myself guiltless but I really want to refrain it.

  23. What?

  24. Hi RTCN
    Didn't you bother to read the context?

  25. *sigh*

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