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    This morning our blog had 14 thousand followers via twitter and facebook.
    Now 46.

    What happened? does it no longer include twitter or facebook?

    It’s kind of annoying because nobody really registers by email and 46 looks stupid next to 46..

    What up publicize?

    The blog I need help with is



    update disconnected twitter up and back, do I have to tell all the authors to do that again? whats up?


    That’s not working. Even after disconnect and reconnect, the number of followers are still lower.


    Nor is FB or Twitter showing up on my stats page.


    Mine aren’t displaying at all. Did the FB and Twitter disconnect and reconnect, cleared cache, closed and opened browser, notified the State Department and call my local congressman…still nothing.


    I’m still not getting anything either. There’s something not being counted and they’re still not showing on my stats page.



    It’s sort of frustrating. I’m experiencing the same. It takes us a lot of hard work to build up Twitter and FB…in addition to being a loyal blogger. What’s going on????

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