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Blog followers unable to make comments

  1. My blog followers are not able to make comments. It says the URL is no longer available.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you describe the experience, step-by-step?

    At what point do your readers encounter this message? Are they logged in to when they comment or are they using another profile (twitter, facebook)?

  3. They receive my blog into their email but when they try to make a comment it says the URL is not available?

  4. Are they clicking on the "Comment" button or the "See all comments" link in the email they receive?

    What posts are involved, please?

    Is there any chance you edited the slug (address) of the post after first publishing it?

  5. Just had another message from someone saying they tried to comment and it won't let them in..I changed nothing and here is the link to my blog
    can you try to access it and make a comment..I love the comments people make and miss them and followers miss that too..THANKS!
    Have a happy day!

  6. I just made a test comment on your blog. It seems to have worked fine (awaiting moderation).

  7. Please be clear.

    You say they receive the blog post by email. How exactly are they trying to leave a comment?

    Do they click on the "Comment" button or the "See all comments" link in the email they receive?

    Do they click the blog title in the email to go to your site and then submit a comment directly on your site?

    At what point exactly do they receive the message that the URL is no longer available?

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