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    Hello my “blog following” isn’t working. I’ve tried to follow several blogs by clicking on the “+follow” option on their page and it changes to “tick-following”, but I don’t get the conformation e-mail, see them on the list of “blogs I follow”, or get notification of their new blog posts by e-mail.

    I’ve tried logging out and in again, and un-subscribing from them and re-subscribing, but to no avail except that they get annoyed by getting multiple subscription e-mails at their end.

    Now I’m aware of this I wonder who I’ve lost through just assuming I was subscribed to their blogs. Can you offer any suggestions? I’m only down as following 38 blogs so it’s not like I’m at any limit, I presume.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, I am having the same issue with my new blog – none of my followers got the confirmation email, and none are getting the email notifications of new posts


    I may now be able to solve your problem. I had to sort it out myself. With WordPress fiddling I stopped getting new subscription new post e-mails. I eventually sorted it out myself when I found out what ‘they’ had done.

    Click the W in the top left corner.
    Go down to Reader.
    Go across to Blogs I Follow.

    Look in the list and check that everyone is set, under get new posts by email, to instantly. They started setting all mine to Never. Altering that sorted my problem.

    I hope that helps.



    Thanks a million for your help (unlike on the support forum where all I got was “when we don’t have an answer we’ll ignore the question and tell you not to ask again”)

    I’ll give that a try :) Much appreciated

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