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    Can I use a blog for an online profile? I’d like it to be informative about myself, my samples and my skills but not in a blog format that will have the update feature taking up the page. Can I alter a theme to look more like a webpage than a blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    It sounds like you probably want to use pages rather than posts:

    You can configure WordPress to display a static page as the “main” page. Whether it is flexible enough for what you want to do I can’t answer. If it is, I would say it provides an easy way to make a site. The key factors are:

    Do you want the look and feel of one of the current themes (or a theme with different CSS if you take an upgrade)?

    Are the number of total number pages less than about 20 tops, after which a CMS would probably be better for you?



    I think my theme can’t be altered by CSS, or maybe I just didn’t do it right. But I may try that Static Page thing…I just don’t want it looking like a blog with entries and updates on it. For the pages, I would just create links to the online samples so they show up on the pages?

    Obviously my portfolio is not for Web Design :)




    You can alter your theme by CSS as long as you purchase the CSS upgrade and have a good knowldge of CSS. There is a forum for CSS support but the number of volunteers able to offer free advice on it is limited.

    You can also choose a different theme that is more fit for your portfolio. Many of them are suitable for galleries as they display large-size photos. Go to Apperance > Themes and use the search filters to find something that fits your needs.



    It s a pity there is no real theme for photoblog. We need something like Duotone or Monotone but with the choice of the background color. The color changing to match the photo is often ugly. We photographs have been asking for a real photo blog theme since a long time. We can use others themes for photoblogs but they are not very good for that. Sorry for my poor english, i am french



    Yeah, I don’t have that good knowledge of CSS to pay extra. I’ve searched for a more suitable theme but to be honest, the search feature isn’t the best and I haven’t found anything.

    My portfolio is for my article writing so it doesn’t necessarily have to be graphic intensive, I just want it to be able to link my articles to my blog in their entirety as they appear on the publication sites. And I want it to look professional.



    Maybe describe what you are looking for in a theme. Did you know that you can refine your search using the feature filters on the theme selection page. You can search by sidebars/colours/customisation options and loads more.

    I have a portfolio site and I create most of my new content as blog posts just because I can then organise them better with categories and people can use RSS to subscribe to my updates. I’d recommend having a bit of a think about exactly what you want to be shown on your portfolio site. If you’re adding things regularly it might make more sense to keep the blog-like structure so you can add your articles as posts, categorise them however you see fit, add tags to let other people find you, keep a regular home page which will endear you to search engines, let people subscribe by RSS or email and a whole host of other useful features which you might miss out on if you use just a page structure.



    There’s a Theme(s) here on WP that’s designed specifically for something like this to make the layout easier. Used in conjunction with something like Flickr and the CSS Upgrade should get you everything you need.

    Best of luck! :)



    @imagesud Photographers rely on their pictures not the photo frame on which the pics are mounted. I find plenty of WordPress theme suitable for us to showcase our work as an online portfolio.


    This is just my opinion, but don’t go with a really dark theme or background. Many people think this makes their images “pop” and enhances them, but really what it does is to sort of “lock” the eye to the bright colorful area and the eye is sort of reluctant to venture out of that area through the black void and to the next image. My suggestion is to always use nothing darker than a medium grey and really I prefer something around 30% as a maximum.

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