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    Hey i was recently trying to put a “blog game” into a newly created page, suposedly its as simple as pasting the html, i do that and it does not seem to work, i wondered if the html changes because of something to do with wordpress, the site i am looking at is…

    If this is unable to work does anyone know any web based blog games that do work in assosiation with wordpress as i would really like to add one to my blog.




    The games are compatable with regular WordPress but we’re running WordPress MultiUser here. Different software. The issue is because the games you’re trying to add in are placed with embed tags and those are removed due to security concerns. On a regular WordPress installation, since the admin is a trusted user, they can use those tags. Since we share the software here between users, it’s a security risk if those tags weren’t stripped out.

    Just for reference, here’s the list of usable tags here at

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