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    I was going through the CSS, didn’t save anything but I’ve come back to my site and the banner and background have turned grey. I have no idea how to restore my banner, as I’ve pressed restore to the oldest date and everything is still grey.

    I’ve been getting and will be getting a lot more hits over the past few days so I could really do with resolving this issue quickly. Praying there’s a quick fix – anyone?

    The blog I need help with is



    First off, it seems you copied the entired CSS in the CSS Editor. That is not recommended. The Editor should only have your changes or additions to the code.

    Now, the background property in the “#headeimg” selector only has the HEX color defined… you would need to add the url value to it as well, so it should read like this:

    #headimg {
    background:#514e4e url( 0 0 no-repeat;
    margin:2px 0 0 10px;

    Also, it seems that you used the “custom header image” feature of your blog; if you did, then reset it. It is not recommended to use that feature if you have the custom CSS upgrade because it can generate issues like this.

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