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Blog hacked

  1. My blog got hacked and all my posts are missing

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Change your email password, then change your blog password, then go to the Trash file and see if you can restore the posts.

  3. There is nothing in my trash file and I received an email saying I clicked on 'delete my blog'.

  4. Is there any way to restore the content? I still see site states and the people I follow. (I've changed the passwords)

  5. Is there any way to restore the content? I can still see my site stats and blogs I follow etc

  6. Hi there,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your blog being hacked. I'm checking with my team now to see if we can restore your blog for you, and I'll let you know as soon as I have more information from them.

    In the meantime, please make sure that you are using a secure password for your account: Selecting a Strong Password

    If you'd like added security on your account, you can also set up two-step authentication: Two Step Authentication

  7. Any update?

  8. Not yet but please consider this. If any person or any bot is posting anything to your blog or removing anything form it then you have provided them with the ability to do so either deliberately by adding them as official users, or by allowing them access to your login information, or by posting content that makes it easy for them to guess what your log-in information is. Who, aside from you, has access to your login information?

  9. Only I have that information. Nobody is removing or posting anything except last night. I woke up in the morning and all my posts where gone. I've changed my passwords in case and am just trying to get the content back on my blog Irfaan

  10. SO is there anyway to restore all these posts that got deleted somehow?

    Please let me know

  11. anyone??

  12. You can see what the staff member said. When she has more information, she will give it to you.

  13. Hi there,

    Our team is still investigating this for you. I just sent you an email to discuss some private details — please reply directly to that email, or let me know here if you don't get that email from me.

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