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    hello bloggers around the world… we have a problem that needs urgent attention. my friend who hosts the blog – – just found out yesterday that she couldn’t access her account… later on she realized that her account had been hacked into and whoever did it changed all her passwords and also the passwords on her email addresses so now she can’t even access any of those…

    whoever’s out there listening, we need your help because the hacker is now posting stuff on my friend’s blog and she can’t do anything about it…

    someone please help cause tomorrow it could be your blog or mine that could be hacked into.

    thanks and cheers,
    brandix – aka the black lullaby.



    She needs to email staff directly, if she cannot log into her account. Dont’ wait on the off-chance they’re cruising the forums: contact staff by email at Support At WordPress Dot Com. Prepare to be asked a LOT of questions: it’s pretty weird for someone to have access to all her passwords on all her accounts, including her emails.

    And tell her to get a more secure password next time; they now have a feature which tests the security when you sign up for a password.



    There is nothing that can be done by the volunteers in the forums unfortunately. I would have your friend send an email to:

    support (at) wordpress (dot) com

    letting them know of the situation as this is a backend issue that only they can resolve. Have her send all of the details and send it from the original email address that opened this account. Even though the support says they are closed right now I would have her send this email in immediately as they do resolve urgent matters like this asap.



    More information that they send in the better to ensure this is taken care of in a prompt and correct manner.




    thank you all…



    As an aside, I’ve yet to see that feature. It’s not on my Profile page.

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