blog ..has been deactivated because we believe ……I am scared to post again

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    This blog has been deactivated because we believe it does not comply with the Terms of Service or advertising policy.
    After getting that message and being blocked for more than 24 hours, I have been reconnected again. A big sigh of relief and a huge thank you to wordpress for your kind words especially.

    However, I am still scared to post as I don’t know what might have caused this. I suspect it is because I used hyperlinks but I am not sure.
    I am new to wordpress and I am running an academic blog where I want to post thematic issues for people interested in development in low and middle income countries.
    In my posts I therefore obliged to hyperlink to newpaper articles and papers so as to provide evidence to my arguments.

    Can someone out there help and explain to me if hyperlinking is not allowed? I don’t want to mess up again.
    I will be very grateful for your advice.
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    If they unblocked you without your doing anything, then you don’t have to do anything; blocking you was a mistake that they fixed. You’re allowed to link to articles, but you are not allowed to post those articles as a whole. You can sample a paragraph or so, but no more than that.



    Thank you so much clarifying this and for your prompt response raincoaster. In academia, the worst thing that can happen to any author is being accused of plagiarism. I am glad hyperlinks and referencing is okay.
    Thank you once again and best regards.

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