Blog has been down two days

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    Have a WP indepedent blog. My host is AN hosting. For two days I haven’t been able to log onto my blog. I call AN hosting and they keep saying the problem will be fixed in 20 minutes. (Why always 20 minutes? Why not 15 or 25?). Anyway, 48 hours later, no dice. I have not changed any of my settings. The people at AN Hosting (one of the WP-recommended companies) are perfectly nice and patient. But my site still isn’t up? Any advice?



    Just keep waiting. has nothing to do with AN hosting. If you downloaded the software, you might find some help at Other than that, AN hosting is the only one that can help you with that since the servers are theirs.

    If your site is still not up yet, you might want to consider changing of hosting provider.

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