Blog Headlines: Why is [&nbsp] appearing when shared socially?

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    WordPress is adding [&nbsp] to the headlines of my blog posts. For example, Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month becomes ‘Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month’ when the story is shared via Twitter or Email to a Friend.

    I looked in the source code and wordpress is adding [&nbsp] to my headlines. Why does it add it only in front of the last word? Is there any way to prevent this? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for the report. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    I’m not seeing this myself. Are you sharing manually via the button, or automatically via Publicize and email subscriptions?


    When you activate “sharing,” it allows visitors to post your blog on their social networks, blog, and e-mail. Does it automatically send it to your own Facebook and Twitter accounts (assuming you already activated them)? In other words, I’d like strangers to get my blogs and share, but I don’t want them posted on my social sites, yet. Any thoughts?



    No, it does not. Publicize does that.


    sorry…let me explain a little bit better

    check out our July Newsletter link null

    For each individual story, when you click the sharing icons, it will share the respective blog post on WordPress. When you use Twitter or the Email icon in our newsletter, the headline is incorrect ([&nbsp] is inserted into the headline)….it is pulling the headline from WordPress…Facebook, LinkedIn are ok but Twitter and Email pull in unnecessary [&nbsp]….we use AddThis for these sharing icons…does this make more sense?



    Those sharing buttons are added by your third-party newsletter service, and we have no control over the content they provide to Twitter, Facebook, etc.



    @lnnetworknews: Despite the above replies, the nbsp is added by WP (as you’ve found out). In case you’re not familiar with this, this snippet is the HTML entity for a non-breaking space. The regular space between the last two words of a title is always turned to a non-breaking space by WP, to prevent “orphans” (single word as the last line of a paragraph). That’s an invention of Matt, founder of WP; he’s that anal, he’s said on video.


    thank you, justpi, for the insight…but is there any way to fix it? just looks unprofessional…i see it all the time in other social sharing, but i was just hoping there was a workaround



    Many times, though, that nbsp results in headlines that look like this:

    internationella bokvecka

    which is certainly not very good either.

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