Blog headlines wrapping incorrectly in Dyad 2

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    I am trying to convert my page to Dyad 2, but the blog post titles are wrapping incorrectly on the front page. They are fine on the post itself.
    For example, a headline might appear
    New Job Announ

    Any idea how to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    I have a preview tool I can use to look at the site in Dyad 2, but I haven’t been able to spot this issue.

    Could you point me to a specific post where you’re seeing this?



    I took a screenshot. Is there a way to link the picture here? Or I don’t know if you can see this linknull


    Hmm, that link won’t work, but you can upload it to your media library and I can take a look there.





    Thanks for the image. It seems this is only happening at some browser widths, but not at others.

    So there are a few things you could do:

    1. Add this CSS to help account for the longer words:

    .posts .entry-title {
      word-wrap: normal;
      -ms-word-wrap: normal;

    You’d add it into the My Site > Customize > CSS area.

    However keep in mind that if your word is too long, it will be cut off on the right side.

    2. Avoid using featured images with posts that have long words in the title.

    Let me know if this helps.



    I pasted that code into the css column. Do I also need to check the “start fresh–don’t use theme’s original css code” button below it?



    I got the code installed, but now it’s hiding longer words behind pictures. I uploaded a screenshot into the media section for you to see.



    I just saw that you warned that may happen. I’m very frustrated, because I like this theme but don’t understand why it can’t handle basic text wrapping issues!



    It’s gone back to splitting the words even with the code installed. Help!


    Hi there,

    Hold off on any changes for a moment and I’ll have a look.


    Are you still working on

    If so, could you activate the theme so we can take a look?

    If you prefer realtime help you can also reach live chat through the account that was used to purchase the upgrade for that site.

    If you do that, you’ll be able to reach chat here:



    If I activate it, will it go live? I can’t do that without approval from all sorts of folks higher up the chain than me.



    I’ll try the chat.



    The chat link just broke and the conversation disappeared. I am very frustrated. Is there a dial in number?


    Hi again,

    Sorry to hear that you had trouble with the chat.
    Could you please check for an email we’ve just sent to the address on file for your taraskelton user account?



    I just replied. Wide open today until 5 central time and then open tomorrow except 9-11 and noon-1 central.



    Will somebody please get back to me with a time to screenshare and fix this problem?


    Hi there,

    I see that you’ve been in touch about the appointment via email. I’ll go ahead and close this thread, but if you need additional help after the appointment feel free to try the chat again or make a new post.

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