BLOG HELP!!!! Media links no longer work

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    Ciao! I need some help- the audio links on my blog are no longer working :( They were working before when you clicked on them and now… Nada! The only thing I did was go in to the blog posts and edit the links. Now none of the audio plays :( Any help is so appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    1. Where are you storing your music files?
    2. What changes did you make to the links?
    3. If you undo the changes in one post, so the link is back to how it looked when it worked, does it work again?

    If you changed the links chances are you’ll have to go back to where you stored the original files, get the original URL, and edit them back into the posts.



    …I’m assuming this is your blog: I can never tell if that means you’re running a WordPress.COM blog or a WordPress.ORG blog.



    What exactly do you mean by “edit the links”?
    The files you have uploaded cannot be used because they are m4as: the audio player works with mp3s only.



    @spartygirl29: I see that you also sent us a support ticket via the contact form. I’ll be following up with you directly to get more details and troubleshoot.

    @feartheseeds: you can usually determine whether a site is on by scrolling to the bottom of the page: all blogs are supposed to say “Blog at”.

    @justpi: correction, .m4a files can be uploaded to a blog with a Space Upgrade, see here for more details:



    @jenia: What correction? The OP has inserted the WP audio player in her posts, and the files don’t play. I didn’t say you can’t upload m4a files, I said “the audio player works with mp3s only”. (And it’s rather unlikely that I’d write “the files you have uploaded” if I thought you can’t upload them…)



    My website through wordpress has been hacked. I need wordpress to release my hosting immediately to me. How do I get in touch with them?????



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