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Blog I follow changed to their own URL and wordpress wont follow it?

  1. I used to follow this user's blog:
    In October they switched to their own URL of

    I have tried several times to update the URL in my following section, but even when I type in the address, clicking on that link brings me to the address.

    When is a blog I'm following, it will not let me add as a second blog to follow- it says i am already following the blog. ARG!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Since it seems they've moved entirely off of to self-hosting, would there be a problem in deleting the current subscription from the blog's you follow?

  3. I have removed both blogs from my subscriptions, and then added back ONLY the blog, but when I click on the link, it still directs me to the blog. I don't know what to do =(

  4. Although the Support Doc on the Reader says that it's possible to follow a blog that's not hosted on, there's definitely a problem there. I just tried to subscribe and ended up with the same result as you did. and give them all the info you gave in your first post in this thread.

  5. subscriptions only work on blogs if they have Jetpack installed.

    In this case, the blog does not have Jetpack installed, and they appear to offer their own subscription options now:

  6. That's an important bit of missing information, macmanx. Thanks for letting us know.

    Perhaps it should be added to the relevant section in the Support Doc as well?

  7. I'll add it to the list.

  8. @maxmanx
    Bookmarked! Thanks, in advance, for adding this to the support doc.

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