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  1. I am interested in finding a list of questions (blog ideas) that I can write about. I've noticed how those of you WP bloggers have lots to blog about, and I wish to blog like this as well. I have several I can write about, but I'd love to be more organized and aware of what I'm writing. Usually when I'm blogging, I'll pick a topic and find myself slipping away from it and talking about something else, or my blogs just doesn't have a point at all.

    All I need is organization. I wish to have a long list of questions that I can go by daily (or weekly) and write about my opinions or experiences with whatever that question consisted of.

    Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Question: How do YOU blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Personally, I just ramble about thoughts I have throughout the day. Then again, I think a lot!

    Try going here:

    They post one starter every day :)

  3. There's also Plinky prompts. Each weekday, provides a prompt — usually a question, or a request like “describe your favorite vacation” — and you type in an answer.

  4. Chris Brogan actually has a service where people pay him to email them ten ideas a month. I really just think if you can't come up with ten things a month you want to discuss, you shouldn't bother trying.

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  6. You must have a few personal passions where you can build out your blog posts.

    Do some inner exploring and write what you know best.Write about the knowledge and certain experience that you love sharing with others. In that way, it will add life and imagination to the essence of your blog post.

  7. @Raincoaster............... bad, so bad............... but so very true!

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