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Blog in two languages

  1. I'm searching for the answer to my question for a while now and now i decided to ask here. I want my blog to be able to read it in 2 languages. Is that possible on

    If not, i was thinking to make 2 accounts, make the same theme, colors, fonts and everything... In one account I would write in English and in other account I would write in Slovenian language. And in every post in the end I would insert a link to the other blog so it would be possible to read it in boath languages. Can I do that (make 2 accounts)?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. doesn't support multilingual blogs (yet), so that the option you mention is probably the best one, with just one caveat: you shouldn't create two accounts, but rather two blogs under the same account will work fine (different blogs can have different language settings).

    I'm also moving this thread to the Translations panel.

  3. Hi, keep me posted also if any new developments arise about being able to have a bilingual blog. I've been searching for answers on this and it seems people have been asking about this since 2007!

    I also was thinking of having 2 different accounts, but I also wanted to have my own personal domaine, only one, so that's a dilema.

  4. @washimoz: you can have two (or more) blogs under the same account with different language settings, no need to create another account. Also domain mapping applies to a single blog, not to your account as a whole.

  5. Why not to use Google translation... as I do ?
    enter in a text widget :
    <a target="_blank" href=""><img src="" /></a>
    If you want to check my site click on the english flag at the bottom of my pages.

  6. Oh sorry I did'nt change the french language attribute (fr) by the slovanian one.

  7. @tassiopee: Here's why not to:

    A few excerpts from timthief's blog:

    "Lose it or build it".
    "In children developmental psychologists call this black and white thinking primitive thinking and most of us grow out of it. In adults those who are most prone to regressing to primitive thinking are fearful and emotional."
    "Focus on the issues, not on personalities."
    "The Followers widget is a great tool to help you grow your blog’s audience. Readers often visit a blog and enjoy it but fail to return. With the followers widget you can get all readers to return and become a fan."

    Google 'translation' into Greek, re-translated by me:

    "Lose the product or it has been manufactured".
    "In children a call the developmental psychologists [<-accusative] this black and white of thought primitive thought and most of us increase because of this. In adults who are more prone to regression to primitive [<-plural] of thought they are afraid of the emotional [<-feminine] as well."
    "Focus on subjects they cannot, for personalities."
    "The widget fans are a great tool to help you grow your common blog. Readers often visit a blog and so that you enjoy it, but are incapable of returning. With widget fans you can call all the readers in order that they return and a ceiling fan is produced."

  8. Yes panos I agree, nothing will be better than an original translation.. But I find that it may help to guess what the author wanted to write when you use it only once. That's true that, as a frenchie, I prefer to read original english than english translated into french... because I can read english. But for those who don't, I think that it may help. When I read my posts translated in english, I find that not so bad... It was a good surprise.

  9. Yeah that's it: with Google translate you often get little more than "guessing what the author wanted to write". Depends on the pair of languages: the more they differ in grammar and syntax, the more laughable the results.

  10. I'm also interested in a bilingual or even multilingual blog. Is there a way we can indicate here that we'd like to be informed on progress on this specific topic? If not that's perhaps a good thing to create once it connects questions to feedbacks on the questions. Kind of an agent approach would help to build intelligence around the questions. Cheers!

  11. BTW, I have one blog that is bilingual. Most of the key textaul elements of its structure are in Portuguese and English. I publish mostly in English and Portuguese and some occasional Spanish. The spell check is a good support and the categorization of the texts by language helps on sorting out the posts and pages in one language or the other or when they are in both languages. Some readers will speak in both languages others don't. Certain things aren't translatable. Depending on the intent of a blog this may work. Otherwise, it is the heavy work of transalation until Natural Language Processing (NLP) comes to help us.

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