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    My blog is inactive and I need to find out why. I was sent some links about reasons and they make no sense. support is not responding, so I though I would check this.



    What were the links you were sent? What about them does not make sense? What is the URL of your blog, starting with http? It is obviously not the site linked to your name.



    I had just replied though quite why my information wasn’t clear the first time is surprising.


    If you’re not getting any response from support, then they clearly do not want you blogging here. Blogs only get marked inactive when they are doing something that staff disapprove of.

    My advice would be to forget about hosting your blog here and find a good web host that supports WordPress. Yes, that will cost money, but you are less likely to have your blog vanish overnight without warning.





    Confirmation required: Your blog is inactive. Please contact us to confirm your account details.

    The part that didn’t seem to make sense to me was that my account details seemed ok and correct with the right email for me. I only use that one email.

    I very much apologize if I made an error. I will gladly delete part or all if necessary.

    I also apologize for resending the message… the middle of the first message I was sending my signal was lost and I had to reboot and thought the message was not sent.

    Thanks for your help.




    I apologize…but I can’t find your reply…is it here someplace ?

    sorry to be a pain….new…thanks Phil




    thanks for your comment…..I really didn’t do anything mean or bad….I am new…older and perhaps goofed some how…I can’t believe they would just kick me out without an email stating my mistakes……i am always willing to delete part or all of my stuff.

    again my thanks to you for your suggestions.

    I used a few capitol letters in error and perhaps that is wrong to do…..i’ll not do that again.


    phartten, looking at your site on Google’s cache, you had an ad in your post. Ads and affiliate links aren’t allowed on WordPress,com. Email support or wait a day until they can read your email and reply back.



    Also, you’re blog is basically a commercial venture since you’re selling real estate. You should probably read the terms of service concerning commercial blogs (any blog where you make money from) to make sure you didn’t violate one of the TOS conditions.



    There are TWO places for emails on a blog: on the Profile page, and on the Settings->General page. They might be different, so check both emails and their junk folders if required.

    Since you’re in contact with staff, get them to let you know if the main blog itself is kosher. Paid advertising is not, but blogging about an industry is. They will guide you.

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