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  1. I think your features are very helpful.

    But, I've become concerned about the BlogInfo Report As Spam feature that anyone can click when on my blog. How do I know if anyone has reported me as spam? Does someone at WordPress contact me?

    Please advise.

  2. I don't think it is viewed kindly around here when people bump their own threads - particularly two minutes after posting the original post.

  3. We check.
    Every report is looked at.
    Blogs are wrongly reported and they are correctly reported.

    You can't find out if you have been reported.
    If that were possible I'd get too many requests, then people would want to know who reported them, why they did it etc etc. It would be a mess.

    If you are just blogging don't worry about it :)

  4. Thank you, podz! I appreciate your response. This makes me feel better.

    And, apologies to bloggenbent and others. I didn't think before I clicked on the second post button that came up. I had no intention of "bumping my own thread."

  5. I still want to see Scob. labeled as a Mature blog. :)

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