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    Hello, Is there any way to get rid of the “get shortlink” in the blog info drop-down? Or perhaps a way to hide “Blog info” altogether? Is there a theme that maybe comes with widgets that allow me to hide one or the other? Any related info would be helpful.

    The blog I need help with is



    Visit your site when you are logged out – the top bar should only show up when you are logged in.



    I know how to go away from it, my question is how to get rid of it.



    Apparently this is the code #wpcombar { display:none;} and a member “devblog” has it on his page Looks like I’l have to buy the CSS upgrade just to test it. Does anyone know where exactly in the code to put it?



    By the way auxclass how did you disable a click back to your page?


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    You can’t “get rid of” the links on the dashboard for “get shortlink” or “blog info”
    They are part of using wordpress.COM

    The sticky on top is info about the difference between and
    another explanation: is not a site: he is using WordPress.ORG software.

    Read the other sticky on top of the forum. It explains how to link your blog to your user name, but will also let you know how to unlink your username from your blog:


    If you were to hide the admin bar at the top, you actually end up hiding everyone else’s admin bar when they visit your site, not only your own. This means you are hiding something that belongs to another blogger. Not a good idea. I also remember mention that wordpress.COM really, really doesn’t like people doing that, and I seem to remember it being said that it might be grounds for a blog suspension.

    You have to remember that when I visit your site while logged in, the admin bar at the top is the admin bar for MY blog, not yours.

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