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Blog is down after changing Settings. Cannot log in.

  1. flightsoffancythemovie

    I wanted to change the home page for my blog site so that it defaults to the "ABOUT" page. I went into the Settings link and changed the default UR, by adding the /about after the /blog. Big mistake. Now I cannot access my page and keep getting error messages when I try to log in to reset it.

    Whenever I try to log in to my blog site, I get an error message and the url reads:

    So, I then delete the "/about" and try to re-log in, but the site re-directs me to the, again.

    I need to get my web page up and running again, and it should default to: In the meantime, we have figured out how to default to the About page from the host server, so all I want to do is reset my settings to the original settings.

    Sorry, but I urgently need your help with this. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Sorry, you're in the wrong place. This is the support forum for wordpress.COM. You need to be over at support for self-hosted wordpress

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