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blog is gone!

  1. I just about cried when I just looked at my web page. EVERYTHING is gone! :-(

    I really hope this will be back up, a lot of work was put into this...

  2. Same thing has happened to me. I really really hope this is possible to restore?

  3. Me too.

  4. I think all hosted blogs are gone. I hope they have backups because I don't :( I couldn't bear to lose all the stuff I have done recently.

  5. Easter morning gospel:
    "The tomb is empty"

    and so is my blog!

  6. just read the other thread, they are working to restore it. Looks like admin pushed the wrong button, ah ... memories of when I worked in IT: we all do it at least once (but only once, lol)

  7. This is going to sound so selfish but thank goodness it's not just me. Matt didn't like my last post very much ;)

    edited to ask: where's the admin post saying they're working to restore it? all I can find is Podz on an earlier problem and a generic 'calm down' from another user.

  8. I lost my posts too! I trying to create a backup using google cache. maybe u can do that too... heartache! the last time i lost all my post in opendiary due to some crappy hacker. I don't want that heartache all over again!

  9. [Post deleted - Let's watch the language, folks. :) -drmike]

  10. Same here. Links, categories, posts, mojo, all gone. Picture Homer kneeling with his fists raised, screaming "DAAAAAMN YOOOOUUUUU!!!"

  11. Mine are gone too!

  12. ibid

  13. Think of the +ve side to this: For the first f-ing time the Scobelizer doesn't rank above me at WordPress. ;-)

  14. Bluenaert, not sure why you're not keeping backups of your blog as this is covered in the FAQ via a very simple method.

    I've gone ahead and removed the posts up above that contained language issues if you catch my meaning. Please kinding remember that we're all not Marines here.

    There's *0* reason to pretend you're an AOL user and post "Me too", folks. Please don't.

    As stated, Staff if working on the issue. :)

  15. I was about to pass out when i opened my blog and saw that everything was gone.
    I see i am not the only one.I do hope they'll restore.

  16. To be fair, I think that when you find your entire blog has vanished a little 'language' is par for the course ;) Also, we can't complain in our blogs that our blogs are down so posting here is an outlet for many frustrated people, even if they're not strictly 'contributing' anything by doing so.

  17. I'm high on tablets to refrain from expressing my current feelings.
    Spent half of the night waiting for scans and data, woke up early and spent hours editing pictures, then posted and informed lots of people (lots and lots of emails and links everywhere);
    Dear correspondent, click and you will find ... NOTHING.
    A little language, uh?

  18. Ok, I understand they are working to restore it.
    But when?????

    More info please!

  19. It was horiffic! I've only just started but I have been writing a lot; sure hope they have some back ups!

  20. Well, I guess there's no choice but to sign up for that dedicated web hosting account now is there. Now I understand that this sort of thing is fairly infrequent here, but my nerves are still frizzed after a bout with I moved away from here to get away from that. And now after a week or two here...?

    Well, one might - to avoid offending the sensibilities of others in here - say I'm a tad frustrated at the moment. However, I would like to know when one at least could get access to the feed so that one could download things down to the dedicated hosting account. :)

  21. Jaotte, staff has stated that they do backups. Not sure why you felt the need to post something like that.

    Folks, I'm closing this thread and suggesting that you if want to post "Me too" instead of reading what's going on, please do it here.


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