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    It seems like over night that my blog has slowed to a crawl. The header and left side bar is coming up ok, but then it is taking several long minutes for the main content and right side bar to show up.

    The blog I need help with is



    PS- this is happening on firefox and safari both so I dont think it is a cache issue? Thanks for any help.



    Readers come to blogs to read posts. Keeping the amount of widgets and other sidebar clutter to a minimum may seem like common sense to veteran bloggers but to new bloggers the lure of adding widgets and gadgets and badges may be too overwhelming to pass up.

    A common mistake beginner bloggers make is the overuse widgets, images, animated gifs, audio, video embeds and badges and other “tat” as sidebar decorations, methods of bragging, and as space fillers. Many make the same mistakes by “over-loading” their posts as well.

    The results of making such errors in judgment include slowing down page loading time, spoiling the blog’s design by creating an amateurish appearance, and distracting readers’ attention by drawing the eyes and mind away from the content in their posts.

    If you have cleared your browser cache and cookies then there are other steps you can take.

    (1) Reduce the number and/or size of images, and/or video and/or audio embeds on your front page, including those in your sidebar.

    (2) After you reduce the size and number of and/or size of images, and/or video and/or audio embeds in your blog posts, consider splitting the content by inserting the read more tag into your posts

    (3) Reduce the number of posts on your front page
    -> Settings -> Reading
    change the number -> Blog pages show at most ___
    Click Save Changes

    I hope this helps you and wish you happy blogging.



    Thanks for the advice. I went back and looked at my widgets. There was one there for twitter that i did not put on my blog (I don’t even have a twitter page). I don’t know if it was a new creation from Word Press or what, but when I took it off My blog came right up to speed.

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