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Blog is no longer showing up on google or yahoo

  1. Today I noticed that my view count is nearly zero so I tried searches that used to work and now no longer show my blog. ie: "How did this financial crisis start?" Am I being black listed? It isn't controversial or anything offensive. Even new entries such as "what is mccain's plan for housing?" which should match an article posted today with that title. Any ideas?

  2. What is your blog URL, starting with http? The site linked to your name is not a blog and we won't be able to help you with that.

  3. My blog is I have since de-linked from technorati and the view count is slowly increasing again. I'm not sure what the tie-in is, if any.

  4. I see your problem Your using the default Uncategorized category & NO tags,
    try using Catrgories that describe your articles & use disruptive tags to
    help the search engines index your article faster & correctly.

    FAQ -> The difference between tags and categories

    FAQ -> What’s a tag? How do I add tags to my posts? How do I manage tags? [screencast]

  5. Actually most of my posts do use tags. It appears that once I linked to technorati the ability to locate my articles dropped to nearly zero. Since I dropped technoratie I've got a few more hits but I think it will take a day or so for the engines to reindex. I'm not sure what's going on. It was my understanding technorati should increase the visibility.

  6. I just did a search for your site on Google & Yahoo,
    & the results differ Google Has more indexed while
    Yahoo has less then ten posts.

    Google->Screen Shot/Yahoo->Screen shot

    You'll see in this forum thread reply's why Fellow wordpress bloggers
    don't like Technorati,-> tags pointing to Technorati?

  7. I can find my blogs in google only if I include "preplan" in the search. It was my understanding that an exact match on a search will take precident over near hits, so search on "what is mccain's plan for housing?" should find an article with that title or even an article containing that string of text. A week ago, this worked as expected but now nothing shows up unless I inclue "preplan" in the search. I suspect that if I continued to click through the link the blog would appear, but way down the search. I've tried both google and yahoo with similar results.

    I'm trying to understand why the searcxhes no longer find existing as well as new articles.

    Thanks for your help.

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